It will still be hot (but ever so slightly less so).. but at least there won't be any thunder.

The current weather is pretty unpredictable. Different models say different things, which is why we've been promised more thunder than we've received to date. If the forecast for today is correct, though, we'll be fully thunder-and-lightning-free, though we'll see a wee bit of local drizzle in the afternoon and evening.

As for temperatures, we're looking at 20-24 °C in the morning, highs of 32 °C in the afternoon, and 22-26 °C come evening.

Meteolux have issued a yellow alert for the whole country.

Traffic checks

The police have announced the following checks for this Thursday, all in the afternoon:

  • Rue des Champs in Bergem;
  • Rue de Hollenfels in Tuntange;
  • Rue Principale in Vichten;
  • Allee Pierre de Mansfeld in Luxembourg City.

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