It's going to be (nearly) as hot as yesterday, but not quite as sunny.

If meteolux's forecast is correct, we'll see localised rain (just a light drizzle) throughout the day, and may even get a bit of thunder from the afternoon and into the evening. This editor doubts the thunder part, as other forecasters aren't indicating we'll see any.. but you never know.

Morning temperatures will be around 20-24 °C, rising to a high of 32 °C, and staying warm in the evening at 26-28 °C.

Traffic checks

The police have announced the following checks for Saturday:

One in the morning:

  • Route de Belval in Esch-sur-Alzette.

And two in the afternoon:

  • On the N10 in Bollendorf Pont.

Safe travels...if you must!

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