The Red Cross has drawn up a report of their activities over the last year, with a focus on the organisation's role during the pandemic crisis and the development of their services.

The Red Cross rehabilitation centre in Colpach was repurposed to take on coronavirus patients, thus alleviating pressure on hospitals. The Red Cross praised the solidarity of those who responded to their appeals for help, as well as those who donated money and blood during the crisis. 1,400 new blood donors registered following a campaign in the early days of the pandemic.

Although further financial aid is required on an international basis, the Luxembourg branch of the Red Cross saw plenty of donations through the crisis. Michel Simonis, the director, said the coronavirus crisis had spurred the organisation to examine their services and how best to keep them going to meet requirements throughout the pandemic. Although it was not possible to run certain activities at full capacity, such as the at-home care services, they were able to maintain most essential services so the vulnerable were not left adrift in the wake of the crisis.

The Red Cross also gave assistance to those who had tested positive for the virus, providing those with accommodation where required if they could not isolate of their own devices.

In the next phase of the pandemic, the Red Cross will use the Colpach centre to help rehabilitate patients, rather than housing those with the virus. In spite of this, they have prepared their other services for the second wave.