The presence of the coronavirus in schools continues to spark debate, with cases rising in secondary schools.

Currently, six classes in Esch-Lallange secondary school are in quarantine, as well as two in the Lyçée technique du centre, three in Bonnevoie, and a class of first years in the Lycée de Garçons Esch-sur-Alzette. These examples were confirmed by the Ministry of Education in response to a query by the Tageblatt newspaper.

The newspaper also reported that some schools have asked staff to practise discretion with regard to the quarantined classes, and refrain from giving out information over the number of infections. Other schools have chosen not to inform teachers of the situation.

The latest figures from the Ministry of Health seem to confirm a spread among adolescents. On Thursday, 19% of active infections concerned patients who were between 0 and 19 years old - nearly one in five of all cases.

A debate will take place in the Chamber of Deputies on Friday afternoon after a public petition which opposed the reopening of schools and high schools before the month of September garnered the necessary amount of signatures. Although the petitioner and the Minister of Education held a private meeting prior to schools opening in May, the debate is sure to take into account recent developments in schools.