45 secondary school pupils are currently in quarantine after coming into contact with infected patients.

Five classes are affected. The Minister of Education, Claude Meisch, told MPs in the Chamber that just two secondary schools were observing a strict, formal quarantine. Eight people have also tested positive for the virus, spread across four secondary schools, but no quarantine has been set in these establishments.

In primary schools, six classes are affected by quarantine across four different municipalities. 54 pupils are in complete quarantine.

48 children have been placed in quarantine for other reasons, including 33 for having participated with their football club in a session during which photos were taken, said the minister.

Of the 102 people currently isolated, four are teachers.

The Ministry of Education is currently working on a catch-up concept in cooperation with teacher's unions and school administrators.  Not all students dealt well with the division of classes, replied the Minister of Education in answer to a question from LSAP MP Francine Closener.

Students still having difficulties with learning will be able to catch up in the last weeks of the summer holidays, or the first few weeks after the new term starts on 15 September.