1,048 employees and 148 doctors worked at the CHdN hospitals in Ettelbruck and Wiltz in 2019.

Last year, the hospitals in northern Luxembourg counted 14,000 inpatient and 196,000 outpatient treatments. The hospitals also recorded more than 14,000 surgical procedures, 11,000 dialysis treatments, more than 3,500 chemotherapy sessions, and almost 80,000 emergency room visits. The total budget hovered around the €138 million mark.

The European Foundation for Quality Management awarded the so-called "Recognised for Excellence“ certificate (5-star rating) to the CHdN for the first time in 2019. General director of the CHdN, Dr. Hans-Joachim Schubert, explained that the prestigious certificate was the result of the dedication and efforts of hospital staff to do justice to the needs of patients, employees, and partners.

Patients also attested to the high standards respected by the hospitals in northern Luxembourg. A survey found that 97% of respondents would recommend the CHdN.