In the context of the project "Klima-Bündnis Lëtzebuerg", Differdange will test out and support cargo bikes as an alternative means of transport.

The municipality in Differdange offers local companies the option to participate in the pilot project free of charge for 6 weeks. This is an offer by the City Manager, the ecological service, and the mobility service.

The municipality will be supported by "De Vëlosbuttek", a local project by the Initiative and Local Management Centre (CIGL), which will take care of the maintenance of the cargo bikes. Two different models with electrical motors have been chosen for the project.

In order to participate, companies have to use the cargo bike regularly for transport or delivery purposes and have a secure place to store it. Participants will also be provided with helmets and safety vests.

20 shops and companies have already submitted requests to participate in the project.