Exploring Mullerthal's "Geopark" (an area with geological heritage of international significance) in Echternach.

Many culturally significant spots can be discovered by following the winding paths through the landscape.

The Berdorf Plateau is considered the heart of Mullerthal, and from a geological perspective, it is the centre of Luxembourg's sandstone region.

The Plateau is part of the European Natura 2000, a network of nature protection areas conceived in 1979 that now encompasses no less than 26,000 terrestrial and marine protected areas.

The name "Mullerthal" reveals the site's history: mills seem to have been the staple here, seemingly since the Middle Ages. But other landmarks are older still, with records of human activity at the hollow rock "Huel Lee" dating back to the Roman Empire.

Both culture and nature converge to render the Mullerthal region a very popular among tourists and nationals alike, and has gained the accolade of "Little Switzerland".

Whether it's local produce, such as the variety of cheeses available, or the scenery, Luxembourg's Mullerthal has much to offer. The Grand Duchy will even be applying for an "UNESCO Global Geopark" label in Autumn.

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