You can test your own knowledge on food safety by participating in a national quiz!

The UN initiated World Safety Day in December 2018 to bring the concept of "food safety" into the foreground.

On a national level, the goal is to improve public awareness surrounding the topic. In that spirit, the Food Safety Commission and the Ministry for Consumer Protection developed an online quiz to test citizens' knowledge. It's available in Luxembourgish and French, from 3 to 14 June at, and there are some prizes to be won, such as "cool" bags, local produce and other gadgets.

On a European level, various actors within the food industry are being held to account. This has been an ongoing process since early 2000, and has made the food safety standards within the EU the highest in the world.

The new "Farm to Fork" strategy outlined by the EU Commission, developed within the framework of the Green Deal, highlights individual responsibility of all those involved, from production to price. The aim here is to guarantee healthy and honest produce that is environmentally friendly.

This requires that everyone, producers, consumers, and governments alike, take responsibility and act accordingly.

More needs to be done to advance a general awareness around food in order to avoid, manage and prevent food safety infractions, and the World Food Safety Day is a step in that direction.