Starting September, the first three years of a medical degree can be taken here in Luxembourg.

The new study program aims at increasing the limited human resources in Luxembourg's health sector. It can often take months to arrange an appointment with a specialist, a situation that has not improved since the beginning of the pandemic. Moreover, demographics of Luxembourgish practitioners show that a significant amount will retire in the foreseeable future.

Combined with a growing and ageing population, the need for doctors only increases. has thus designed a new study program that covers the three initiative years of a medical degree.

The program might even become more tempting to students than studying abroad, since classes at the Luxembourgish university will be limited to twenty-five students. Most of the study material is set to be accessible via online platforms. The institution already presented its digital progress in October by showing a virtual model for dissections to the press.

The university is able to benefit from the enforced lockdown, since the absence of students will allow staff to finish setting up laboratories in time for the new academic year.

Applications can be send in until mid-July, although the university made an appeal to all potential students to regularly consult their website for updates and changes.

Since there will be no open campus days, the university has created a digital platform to cover for the absence of physical presence. This opportunity will also allow potential students to ask questions in a live chat.