May 11 will mark a turning point in Luxembourg's deconfinement process. Here's what you need to know.

  • Many measures have already been announced by the government, starting with the full reopening of businesses. However, cinemas, sports halls and restaurants will remain closed.

  • Cultural places such as museums, exhibition centres, archives and libraries will reopen on Monday, but all of this will take place within a strict social framework of reduced public, an online reservation system, and limited access to common rooms.

  • As announced by the Prime Minister on Wednesday, gatherings of up to 20 people will be authorised again. With regards to events at home, a maximum of six guests plus the people living in the house are permitted. 

Xavier Bettel: "We have a good basis for a bit of normality"

  • 32 sport practices are possible once more, including golf, tennis and football. These sports will have to be practised "without any physical contact, in the absence of any activity of a competitive nature, and without the public."

  • Schools resume their classes on Monday 11 May, one week after the first and final students. Pupils returning to school will be separated, circulation will be controlled, and masks are obligatory if the two metre distance cannot be kept.

What has not changed?

  • Bettel said that deconfinement can only take place with respect to sanitary measures and social distancing as imposed since the start of the crisis. This will not change despite the easing of restrictions above. 

  • Working from home is still recommended for those that have the possibility to do so over the next few weeks.

  • No unnecessary travel to neighbouring countries will be permitted. France, Germany and Belgium have maintained border controls. Valid reasons for crossing the border will be necessary.

Border closures do not stop a virus: Jean-Claude Juncker