With secondary school partially reopening next Monday, the Ministry of Transport has announced that bus frequencies will be increased again to keep up with the influx of travelers.

The RGTR bus lines will run normally again as the next phase of the gradual exit plan kicks off next Monday with the partial reopening of secondary schools. Weekend buses will also run normally.

School transport will also resume again with minor adjustments as classes will end at 12.45pm.

The tram network will also run according to its regular schedule as of Monday. This means that trams will run every 15 minutes between LuxEpo and Place de l'Etoile.

TICE buses in the south of the country will resume their normal frequencies on 11 May.

The ministry has also explained that train lines will run twice every hour throughout the day as of 11 May. Frequencies will be increased on 25 May.

The CABAPS bus service for people with physical or mental disabilities working in sheltered workshops ("ateliers protégés") and other individuals with special needs operate normally as of this week.

Face masks are mandatory on buses, trains, and trams. Police are likely to carry out checks.