A considerable number of Luxembourgish residents appear to have spent the past weeks abroad.

According to the managing office of the health department, a high number of trips to and from Portugal had been undertaken in recent weeks. Although these should not drastically affect the national fight against the spread of the virus, the government appeals to the public not to leave the country.

The trips had been a suspicion vividly discussed on social media, and health officials confirmed: "We have been informed about a number of trips to and from Portugal, especially since the reopening of construction sites had been announced."

Neither health officials nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were able to account for all movements. Travelling remains a difficult undertaking at the moment, as there are no passenger planes leaving Findel airport. The borders between France, Spain, and Portugal are closed for most parts.

Already in March Luxembourgish authorities said all travel should be suspended until further notice. Portuguese PM António Costa made an appeal to all emigrants to not return to Portugal over the holidays.

Nonetheless, health officials do not see an exceptional threat in the migratory movements, as the virus is already active across Europe, affecting both Luxembourg and Portugal.

An eye will be kept on the construction sector and testing there will be continued.