There is much to work through in terms of logistics before schools can reopen at the end of May.

The Association of Luxembourg Towns and Municipalities (Syvicol) participated in a video conference with representatives of the Ministry of Education in order to tackle the issues concerning the reopening of schools.

The meeting revealed two important factors which require solutions - the availability of staff, and the availability of buildings. The municipalities also wished to consider the measures which will need to be applied in order to guarantee safety.

Emile Eicher, Syvicol president, said as owners of the buildings required, they needed to be certain of the measures required in order to reopen, such as cleaning and disinfecting the buildings. There was also the questions of mask distribution, and educational materials - would multiple pupils be allowed to use the same items?

The municipalities also want to put measures in place in the event of a diagnosis, as well as measures allowed for staff illness. Smaller towns and villages are more likely to experience a lack of staff, which could adversely affect the schools.

Eicher also explained the issues with resuming services such as childcare providers with waitlists, service vouchers, school canteens and so on. Everything would need to examined in great detail to ensure health guidelines are met. Another topic of discussion consists of children's activities, whether they would be allowed outside, and the contact required with parents.

The measures required could differ depending on the size of the municipality.

Eichner said they would practice trials in several municipalities with the help of school staff and managers in order to decide on the most practical methods.

The Ministry of Education will continue to hold talks over video conferences with different authorities in the sector until Friday. Alongside Syvicol, the Ministry is consulting parent and pupil associations, unions, head teachers and FEDAS.

Minister of Education Claude Meisch said they expected to have confirmed a plan with the municipalities by Friday.