1,500 people – representative of the entire adult population of Luxembourg – need to be found within a very short period of time in order to participate in the CON-VINCE study.

This study is expected to reveal more information about the actual extent of the spread of coronavirus among the population of Luxembourg.

The Covid-19 research task force has partnered with TNS-Ilres in order to find this representative sample of the population. The reason given for this choice is that people in the age group of the study are used to being contacted online. Researchers hope that this will lead to representative results for the CON-VINCE study within a short period of time.

The market research company acts as an associate partner of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) and will of course be paid for their contribution.

Ministers Xavier Bettel, Paulette Lenert, and Claude Meisch stated this in their answer to an urgent parliamentary question by ADR MP Fernand Kartheiser.

They also stated that TNS-Ilres would not be given access to public databases. The National Research Ethics Committee and the Ministry of Health also gave their necessary authorisations, and all provisions of data protection would be respected during the course of the study.

Parallel to the CON-VINCE study, i.e. immunity tests via blood analysis, systematic tests within the construction sector will be carried out starting on Monday. A sample of 300 people working on construction sites will be tested in order to assess the spread of coronavirus in Luxembourg.