The safety of employees undoubtedly remains the key concern of trade unions OGBL and LCGB.

The trade unions this week worked on a Grand Ducal decree that defines the rules and regulations that have to be respected on construction sites, which are set to reopen next week. Employers will have an obligation to guarantee the best possible protection of their workforce. The new decree will presumably receive the green light during a state council meeting on Friday.

OGBL President Nora Back lamented that the announcement came at very short notice. She explained that the trade unions only learned about the decision to reopen construction sites during the press conference. The unions will keep a close eye on the situation and determine whether or not the proposed safety measures will also be translated into reality in such a short period of time.

LCGB President Patrick Dury similarly underlined that the union would serve as a watchdog to make sure that the safety of employees is respected.

It remains unclear whether or not collective leave in the construction sector will take place this summer. The discussions with employers are ongoing.