Despite the crisis, some stores continue to sell and deliver their products and services online, but visibility is a huge challenge for many of these small-scale companies.

As a result, a group of young entrepreneurs founded, a platform giving local shops and businesses more visibility in sectors often dominated by large corporations.

In a normal period, Amelie Kuylenstierna's yoga studio would have about 20 students. But since mid-March she's organising livestream classes to keep herself going financially: "It's pretty hard because we have 3 yoga studios with high rents. We're still waiting to get help. So far, we haven't had any significant support yet, so we're doing our best with the Livestream Courses."

Susi Muller, a yoga professional working at the studio, adds: "The platform is great because it helps us and probably many others showcase what we have on offer. It's not easy at the moment. Now we have the opportunity to present it directly to the people."

8 young entrepreneurs are the true pillars of the platform. They are students and young professionals who want to use their time wisely and help local companies gain visibility.

Moritz Hoss, co-founder of, describes that the platform started with his mother really wanting to order flowers, with many local stores actually doing deliveries. But how to find them, Moritz thought.

The platform is not yet online, but already over 200 companies from 11 areas registered for it. The first business to join was a friend, Marc Lopp. Through the site new customers have already registered for his products, the florist says.

Even though every-day business is quieter than usual, driver Larry says he has plenty to deliver: "Because they can't physically go to a store, people are ordering more by phone. And then I also noticed that many people are sending flowers to other people to boost morale and bring some colour."

A map on the platform indicates where a business can deliver. Moritz Hoss: "We have an extra PR team, which takes care of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram every day. Word of mouth is of course just as important."

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