Four so-called advanced medical centres have been put in place since last Friday.

Doctors say that the medical care centres are not proving to be useful for patients with non-corona related symptoms.

Currently, all patients that feel unwell can go to a care centre. The care centres are divided into two seperate departments: one for corona-related patients, and the other for non-corona related patients. But doctors working in the centres say the current structure is not useful, as the section for non-corona related patients is mostly empty.

Dr. David Heck, who has worked at the centre in Ettelbrück, explains: "This means that doctors working on that side are doing relatively little in a six hour shift. The equipment in both departments is exactly the same, which is already minimal for a doctor to do a general check-up of a patient."

For example, a patient with a heart rhythm disorder should have an electrocardiogram, but that's not possible in the care centre. As a result, they end up being redirected to hospital. Dr. Heck and his colleagues wonder whether their department is of any practical use.

Dr. Luc Aniset, who works at Rockhal's care centre, closed one of the two departments for patients with non-corona related symptoms for this exact reason: "80-90% of patients come with a cough, fever, headaches and breathing difficulties, all the symptoms of the virus. Very few patients come for other reasons, so we're now all working in the department where it's most needed."