Luxairport is processing around 100 cargo flights a week at present - an unusually high number for this time of year.

Teams at the airport are close to collapse, as nearly half of the 1,500 strong workforce is currently unable to work.

40% of staff members are confined to their homes due to the coronavirus, with many taking leave for family reasons, or isolating because they fall into the at-risk category.

Management representatives for LuxairCARGO, Cargolux and LuxAirport have been working closely to deal with the situation, with Jean-Paul Gigleux of LuxairCARGO praising the sense of solidarity during the crisis.

Staff are putting in huge efforts to keep the Cargo Centre open, thus ensuring the export and import of goods is guaranteed. CFL and the port in Mertert have also encouraged their own staff members to assist with airport operations. Gigleux said the situation was still manageable at present, despite the pressure.

Many flights need to be processed urgently, particularly if they are carrying medication or other healthcare supplies, said Bernard Stoll of Cargolux.

On Sunday, an urgent delivery of medical supplies was directly passed to the authorities, while on Monday morning, medication arrived. On Tuesday, a 25 ton delivery of supplies is expected to arrive from China to help combat the virus.

The increase in flights and cargo requires an increase in manpower. Stoll explained that on arrival, a plane requires around 6 to 7 employees to help unload and manage the equipment.

The next challenge is to sort the pallets and distribute them correctly - this is vital manual labour.

Each Luxair shift requires around 120 members of staff to manage the volumes of goods passing through the airport at present, according to Stoll.

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