Snow maybe forecast for midweek, but in the here and the now, it is a changeable day that lies ahead for Monday.

Monday is GREEN. That is to say there are no alerts at the time of writing.

Early morning risers will be privy to some fog and/or drizzle. This will stick around like bad smell, or that neighbour you wished you'd never invited in for a chat. The afternoon is set to be cloudy but dry before rain returns come the return commute.

Lovely, right?

Temperature wise, we are looking at a brisk 3 to 5°C in the morning, 8 to 10°C in the afternoon and as the evening draws in we are back to 7 to 9°C.

We are never sure how specific you want things but here we go:

The North will be cooler than the South, that's in °C not street cred but the exact same, YES EXACT SAME, amount of rain will fall in both sides of the non-existent divide.

Winds are between 10-30 km/h.

Traffic checks

Four checks have been announced for this Monday.

Two in the morning:

  • Rue de l'école in Berbourg,
  • Avenue Dr. Gaasch in Rodange.

One in the afternoon:

  • Rue de Neudorf in Luxembourg-City,

And one in the evening/at night:

  • The N 10 in Rodershausen.

Safe travels!

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