That, dear reader, is today's one million euro question! Here are your A-D options.

A: Because it's your favourite tune
B: Because your Virginia bluebells need a splash of water
C: Because you live in Luxembourg
D: Because the sun turns moisture into vapour, which rises, cools and changes into tiny water droplets, which form clouds

Let us know in the poll below. 

Anyways, the day starts off with thick clouds and light showers. The occasional patch of clear sky and sun makes its way through into the afternoon, before cold evening winds bring light to medium-intensity showers.

On the temperature side of things, the morning balances out between 3 to 5°C, afternoons at 6 to 8°C, and 5 to 7°C come evening. 

Traffic checks

Three checks have been announced for this Thursday.

Two in the morning: 

  • N 7 in Hosingen;
  • Rue de Remich in Moutfort

One in the afternoon:

  • Rue de l'Ecole in Bridel

Safe travels!

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