This editor has a feeling today will feel rather spring-like, but don't hold me to it if I'm wrong.

I woke up yesterday morning to birdsong. Well, I kind of did - it was initially just coming from my alarm clock, but then when I opened the window there was more of it outside. Looking at today's weather, it really does look like spring is here (even if it isn't). Cold and foggy morning, sunny afternoon with decent temperatures and high altitude clouds. Can't complain really!

Morning temperatures between 2 and 4 °C,  8-10 °C during the day, and 6-9 °C in the evening.

Traffic checks

Four checks have been announced for this Saturday.

One in the morning:

  • Robert Schuman-Stross in Luxembourg in Frisange.

And three in the evening/at night:

  • Route d'Arlon/N18 Brouch;
  • N7/Bamertal in Diekirch;
  • Rue de Cessane in Luxembourg City.

Safe travels!

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