Mere days after Storm Ciara battered parts of Europe, two more storms are expected to hit Luxembourg. Storm Inès will arrive on Thursday, followed by Storm Dennis over the weekend. However, they will be less severe than last weekend's weather.

Despite winds of up to 130 km/h, storm Ciara passed through Luxembourg last weekend with less damage than expected.

After a few days of calm, the wind will pick up once more on Thursday as storm Inès arrives, although it is expected to be less severe. Over the weekend, storm Dennis will follow, with winds of 80-100 km/h forecast in Belgium.


In Luxembourg, Météolux has issued a weather warning for Thursday, from 5pm to 10pm. Strong winds of 70-80km/h are expected, with heavy rainfall (10-15 litres per square metre). Road users are encouraged to remain vigilant in case of ice.

Friday's weather forecast is somewhat calmer, before high winds once more on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, reaching up to 85 km/h. Rain showers are also expected, while temperatures will be unseasonably warm, at around 15 degrees on Sunday.