Today's weather is a bit like asking your partner what they want to eat. It just doesn't know what it wants.

In short, it will be moderately cloudy with the sun making multiple guest appearances. There might, however, also be some occasional raindrops in the afternoon.

We're off to a cold morning with temperatures oscillating between -2 and 0 °C. The afternoon won't be that much warmer at 2 to 4 °C. The temps are dropping back to a chilly -1 to 1 °C in the evening.

Traffic checks

Four checks have been announced for Sunday:

One of them takes place in the morning:

  • Rue de Hussigny in Differdange.

And three in the evening / at night:

  • N17 in Fouhren
  • N10 between Grevenmacher and Mertert
  • Route de Thionville in Hesperange.

Safe travels!

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