Horrible holidays: how flight issues can easily affect vacation plans.

Airline passenger rights within the EU are covered by an EU-directive. We asked to see when, and how, you can access this help.

If a flight is late or cancelled, if a plane is overbooked, it's the passengers who suffer the consequences - and they have a right to demand compensation from their airline.

There are however, a number of circumstances that would prevent reimbursement, such as air traffic controller striking, or airport closure due to averse weather conditions (e.g.: heavy snow).

Throughout the year the Ministry for Consumer Protection received about 600 flight related complaints. Reimbursements can take three to six months to process, and the amount is capped at €600. It depends on how far the flight was.

The European consumer protection initiated a "Flight calculator" a few years ago, where passengers can calculate how much money they can claim due to cancellation or delays. Those concerned need to provide flight details, i.e. the different airports they were flying to and from. Airlines are also liable when luggage goes missing.

The Ministry for Consumer Protection can be accessed through guichet.lu.