One out of four people struggle with mental health issues and two-thirds of those affected do not seek help for their issues, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

A new awareness campaign founded on those worrying figures has been launched in Luxembourg to provide help to people feeling they cannot take the steps to treat their mental health issues. The campaign, titled 'And if I were to talk to a therapist?', is designed to introduce the network of help and treatment for myriad mental health issues.

The campaign broadly answers simple questions, which are ones that can seem impossible for those struggling with depression or anxiety disorders. These questions include: 'Who should I go to? When should I seek help? What are the differences between psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists? How can they help? What are the costs of seeking therapy? And where can you find them?'

The Luxembourgish League for Mental Health has published an online brochure with answers to these questions and more, using guidance from national and professional associations in the health services, which include the Circle of General Practitioners (CMG), the Luxembourgish Society of Psychology (SLP), the Federation of Psychotherapy Associations in Luxembourg (FAPSYLUX), and the Luxembourgish Society for Psychiatry, Paedopsychiatry, and Psychotherapy (SLPPP).

The introduction to the brochure highlights the randomness and generality of mental health issues: "Mental health issues are common and can affect everyone. There are solutions to help these issues and sometimes it is useful, or even necessary, to talk to a professional."

The eight-page booklet presents recognised methods of psychotherapy in Luxembourg and outlines how difficulties and traumas experienced by people can be diagnosed and treated. There are three Luxembourgish websites focusing on three particular issues linked to mental health: depression prevention, panic attack prevention, and suicide prevention. There is also an online test which can help assess whether you are struggling with depression. If you do have any mental health concerns, we would recommend scheduling an appointment with your GP for further guidance.