The parliamentary commission of the Ministry of Health confirmed that a new medical insurance scheme will come into effect in the future.

The new medical insurance scheme is know in French as "tiers payant."

Under the current system, patients must pay the provider the full amount he or she charges. Most of that amount is covered by national health insurance. A - usually - small part is not covered by insurance and must be paid by the patient. The patient has to wait and get the insured amount back after filing a claim to the national health insurance provider.

The proposed change would mean that patients no longer have to pay the insured amount up-front. That would leave only the - usually small - non-insured part to pay. This would mean that the patient would no longer have to send his medical bills to the national health insurer CNS (Caisse nationale de santé) for reimbursement.

It was specified that patients would not require special log-in details or additional documents. Officials are yet to set a launch date for the new system.

The "tiers payant" system was vehemently opposed by association of doctors and dentists (AMMD). The patient's association meanwhile was in favour of the new system.