The OGBL and LCGB trade unions demanded better conditions for workers on Saturday with picket lines outside several supermarkets.

Negotiations surrounding a collective agreement are ongoing and the first session on Thursday did not provide any solutions.

Protests were held outside the Cactus supermarkets located in Bascharage and Howald on Saturday morning, and later roughly 150 people turned up outside the Belle Etoile shopping centre in Strassen at 2 pm. Both unions are demanding that the new collective agreement incorporate quicker promotions, bonuses of €360 on new contracts, and that lorry drivers should be recognised and paid as qualified personnel.

The next conciliation meeting will take place on 27 February 2020. According to an OGBL spokesperson at the protest, another meeting, between both unions and the Cactus management board, will also be taking place on 20 January. The management board will have until that meeting to draw up new proposals.