The "doctors of the world" team looked after 815 patients in Luxembourg last years.

The majority of these patients are homeless people or individuals who do not have the financial means to consult a doctor. The average age of the patients who ask for medical help in Esch or Bonnevoie lies between 30 and 40 years. The majority of them are male (60%).

Only 7.5% of them are Luxembourgish. Most patients come from eastern Europe and northern Africa.

30% of the patients have a chronic disease land permanently require medication. More than 100 people work for this medical service, including doctors, nurses, and office hands.

Representatives of the organisation stressed it was necessary to expand their services. Northern Luxembourg could also use a medical practice and the doctor's office in Esch should be scaled up, they argued. The risk of old-age poverty keeps increasing along with the risk of the inability to pay for medical assistance.