The Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps plans to build a new fire station in Dudelange, but according to the Bettembourg municipal authorities, their project proposal was completely ignored.

A plot of land in the Riedgen industrial zone in Dudelange has been set aside for a new fire station designed for fire fighters from Dudelange and Bettembourg. However, several days ago the Bettembourg mayor publicly criticised CGDIS for ignoring its own proposal in its municipality. The executive committee of the emergency services have broadly dismissed the criticism.

Above all, the Bettembourg mayor's communication accused the involved parties, namely CGDIS, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the Bettembourg municipality of communicating poorly. The Bettembourg authorities had proposed a plot of land in the Schéleck 2 industrial zone, just off Route de Dudelange. The plot had been put forward at the time that Dudelange authorities had not been in agreement on the conditions of the five suggested plots in 2018.

The criticism continues that after a number of letters, it only transpired late this year that the authorities were not interested in the Bettembourg plot. As CGDIS's president of the executive committee, Alain Becker, explained, this was not related to poor communication at all. He told RTL that the project of building a new fire station has been discussed and planned in the municipality of Dudelange for ten years now and that Dudelange was always the primary contender. Only in the past two to three years did the authorities begin discussing a communal site with the Bettembourg authorities, which brought about the idea of integrating a new build in Bettembourg.