On Monday 2 December, the government published the new table of tariffs for public transport as of 1 March 2020.

As of 1 March 2020 public transport will be free to use across Luxembourg, with the exception of first class. Trains, buses and the tram will be subject to the new regulations.

The government has reevaluated cross-border fares to allow for the numerous routes crossing into France and Belgium, used by thousands of cross-border workers a day. Free public transport will apply within the Grand Duchy, leading to price reductions for commuters across the board.


For France, the SNCF/CFL tariffs will drop by dozens of euros. The basic monthly travelcard between Thionville and Luxembourg will drop to €45.50 (for the Abonnement Presto) or €42.30 (the Abonnement Primo for under-26 year olds). Travelcards going as far as Metz will cost a respective €100.50 or €62.60.

The annual travel ticket works out to even cheaper monthly payments as follows:

  • To and from Hettange-Grande: €25.90 (Presto) and €25.70 (Primo),
  • To and from Thionville: €39.80 (Presto) and €37 (Primo),
  • To and from Hagondange: €59.70 (Presto) and €45.90 (Primo),
  • To and from Metz: €87.90 (Presto) and €54.80 (Primo).

For commuters in Belgium, monthly travel cards from Arlon (via Stepernich) will cost €53 a month from 1 March 2020. The annual subscription would reach €534, broken down to €44.50 a month. Aubange prices will be €36 (monthly) and €361 (annual).

German commuters will pay a monthly subscription of €49 from Igel, Konz, or Trier.

Bus fares

The Verkéiersverbond has announced the adaptation of RegioZone 1 and 2 tariffs based on how far distances are from Luxembourg. The first category applies to nearly all destinations near the borders, and the second applies to journeys to Saarland (Dillingen, Saarlouis, Saarbrucken).

Once free public transport in Luxembourg enters effect, the cost of a single ticket lasting two hours will cost €3 for RegioZone 1 destinations and €5 for RegioZone 2 areas. Day tickets will be a respective €5  and  €9 and monthly travelcards will cost €40 or €85. Finally, annual travelcards will cost €360 and €750.