Police were informed of a fight on the city centre's Ënneschtgaass: 15 people were implicated in the Saturday night incident.

A chaotic scene of chairs and tables being thrown about caused the first patrol unit to call for back-up as soon as it arrived, and two more arrived.

In the end only two individuals were detained, one of which being a young woman who was unable to calm down and spat on a police officer.

As it turns out, a private party had been hosted on the premises, which then turned sour when staff informed the guests that it was time to close.

3 licences revoked

Around 8am on Sunday morning, police were informed of a car that was stood close to Rue du Pont in Bereldange: the motor was on, its driver was fast asleep. When officers turned up to verify the situation, the tip-off was confirmed. The driver was woken up and tested for alcohol. The test came back positive.

Shortly before 9.30am, another car was brought the police's attention as it zig-zagged its way through Ettelbrück. The driver did test positively for alcohol consumption.

Another driver was found in a similar condition in Bettembourg on Saturday in a construction shop car park. Police were called to the scene and found him on the phone, with the motor running and a blood-alcohol level of nearly 3. His licence was withdrawn.