The Luxembourgish Trade Confederation published dates for the winter 2020 sales on Monday. Luxembourg and France will be the first to start the bi-annual sales.

The post-Christmas sales will begin on 2 January in Luxembourg, lasting through to 25 January. Although starting the same day as the French sales, the Luxembourgish sales will not be on as long. France's Lorraine departments will run sales through to 29 January and Belgium will hold sales from 3 to 31 January. In France, the sales period was shortened from six to four weeks after traders requested the period be limited by the government.

In Germany on the other hand, there is no fixed period for holding sales, leaving retailers to fix prices themselves. They will likely adapt to the prices adjusted in neighbouring countries though.

The dates for Luxembourg's summer sales have also been determined, namely from 26 June to 25 July.