On Tuesday between 12 and 1pm, the public is welcome to share their opinions on transport, either on Radio Lëtzebuerg, or earlier via voicemail, text, Facebook or RTL.lu.

It seems Luxembourg is at a permanent standstill, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

In light of these circumstances, we want to know:

What are your thoughts on the transport plans ahead? Is any other way considering our current growth rate?

How do you explain the recent chaos in the Luxembourg-Gare and Cloche d'Or areas?

What, in general, are your suggestions in terms of a future national transport system?

Share your opinions! On Tuesday at midday its time for you to have your say on the topic of transport - contact the studio LIVE between 12 and 1pm at 13 30.

You are also very welcome to already begin sharing your thoughts via message on the RTL Facebook page, or through RTL.lu. You can also leave a voice message upon dialling 13 33, or text 60 330.