"Make our Environment Great Again“, MEGA for short: such was the title for this year's Europroject conference.

The Europroject has been bringing students and teaching staff together for the last 30 years, involving 17 schools from 15 different European countries in a display of international cooperation. Participants are encouraged to share ideas and discuss different school systems while learning from one another in cultural exchange.

The 2019 edition of the conference is being held at Lycée Michel Rodange in Luxembourg City. Some 40 students and 50 teachers will participate in workshops and debates on current topics, for the duration of the three day conference until 14 November. As the title suggests, the conference will focus heavily on sustainability and environmental issues, initiating environmental school projects across the continent.

The opening ceremony for the MEGA conference was moderated on Monday by Moritz Ruhstaller, president of the Luxembourg youth parliament, alongside another final year student.

Video in Luxembourgish