The Adapto-Bus-Service will be completely free from March 2020, yet this still leaves some issues unresolved.

Adapto is a bus service that looks to provide transport for people with limited mobility, and those who have trouble accessing other forms of public transport or using their own car.

However, Ana Pinto, who started the original petition - which amassed 4,500 signatures within 3 days - said that the new reform does not actually solve many of the original issues.

Until now, a return ticket for the Adapto-Service costs €8, with the number of transport times in one of these buses being limited to 15 times per month. People with reduced mobility are demanding more autonomy, and a call-centre is also to be set up. The question that remains is how this is going to wok, Pinto said. Service user Leonel Rebelo Lopes has benefited from it for six years, yet he criticises the service's lack of punctuality.

Minister for Mobility and Public Works François Bausch reaffirmed the state's pledge towards making public transport more accessible towards people with reduced mobility.

To that end, the government had come together in the last ten months. Despite a reinforced commitment towards the cause, the fact that they were starting discussions from scratch meant that there were still difficulties, and they had not succeeded in getting the service to work flawlessly.

Furthermore, as it stood, there were also a lot of people taking advantage from the service that didn't need it, and the final goal was to make this service available to those really in need.