A video making the rounds on social media is causing many internet users to be rather perplexed, as the video shows Luxtram rails being watered...in the pouring rain.

Tramsschinne gi genätzt
E Video mécht seng Touren op de sozialen Netzwierker.

We all know we here in Luxembourg are rather sensitive to wasting water. After a summer of repeated watering bans, it also doesn't sit very well if you witness a neighbour watering their lawn whilst the weather has been quite wet. The same applies for businesses.

Social media users were certainly incensed to see a firm like Luxtram water its Kirchberg tram rail network despite the fact that the weather forecast has revolved overwhelmingly around rain these past few days. The video evidence of it naturally led to a fair amount of ire expressed on Facebook.

We here at RTL do not like leaving our readers in the dark, so of course our colleagues on the Luxembourgish site enquired as to what the logical explanation for the watering must be. Luxtram did indeed confirm that usually the sprinklers are designed to water the grass found on the tram tracks, ordinarily when the weather is quite dry.

However, the main purpose here is not to water the already-quenched ground. Instead, the firm was emptying its underground pipes, which collect rain water. The reason? To prevent the pipes from freezing in the winter and consequently breaking the pipes.

A reasonable explanation for an initially perplexing phenomenon.