People working in the agricultural sectors have their own personal struggles.

They have to deal with difficult situations and often find themselves mentally as well as physically overwhelmed.

In order to help people in these particular situations, a free consultation service, aimed at "farmers, wine growers and gardeners" specifically. Until today, this service was contacted 56 times. An indication, according to the minister of agriculture, that the service is necessary and utilised.

Most of the questions and issues relate to family conflict such as intergenerational difficulties or psycho-social worries stemming from the working conditions.

Many farmers and wine growers also lament the pressure of not feeling appreciated or valued by their communities and by society as a whole.

These were the answers Minister Romain Schneider gave to Democratic Party deputy André Bauler in response to his parliamentary question.

The service helpline "An open ear for farmers and winegrowers" can be called on Mondays under the number 8002 71 71.

Conversations are confidential and any requests for anonymity are respected.