Eight new petitions have been set up for people to sign until the 28 November.

The petitions, which can be found on the Chamber of Deputies' website (no English version, unfortunately), need to amass at least 4,500 signature in order to be debated in a plenary session.

Appeals range from more flexible hours at transition centres, telecommuting, a nationwide "roof greening" initiative for bus stops, and the standardisation of diesel pump handles to the colour yellow. Other demands include a lowering of VAT and increased safety checks on CBD, a simplification of the "registration for beneficial owners" process for NGOs, more protection of property and transparency of operations of co-ownership unions, as well as the creation of charitable gardens for the public good.

Aside from this, the dates of the next three debates were fixed: sessions will discuss free transport for people with reduced mobility on the 7 November, free water in the service industry on the 12 November, and a lowering of taxes for single people on the 25 November.