Two cars collided in Kirchberg shortly after 9pm on Thursday night, injuring four people in the process.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured in the crash.

Further accidents occurred in Bertrange on Rue Atert at 7.15pm and on the A6 motorway between Bridel and Strassen at 9.30pm. Each accident resulted in one person suffering a minor injury.

Later, two more cars were involved in a collision between Diekirch and Fridhaff shortly after 11pm.

Friday morning accidents

Just before 8 am, two cars were involved in a collision on Rue de la Gare in Clemency. One person was injured. Half an hour later, a person riding an e-scooter and a car were involved in a crash on Boulevard de la Pétrusse in the station area of Luxembourg City. One person sustained injuries.