76 people are on the transplant waiting list in the Grand Duchy. 15 individuals have received transplants this year.

Luxembourg is the second worst-performing country in terms of organ donations in the EU. 76 people are currently still on the waiting list and three people have died while waiting for a transplant this year.

The best organ donor performances comes from Croatia, Belgium, and Austria.

So far, only four patients donated organs in Luxembourg this year. Last year, the number of donors was seven, and in 2017 a total of nine individuals donated organs. Since 2017, the number of donations in Luxembourg has steadily dropped.

In theory, Luxembourg's system foresees that everyone is an organ donor once their brain ceases activity. The reality, however, usually looks different: many families refuse to allow a deceased relative's organs to be donated.

The Ministry of Health and Luxembourg-Transplant are therefore joining efforts to raise awareness. A so-called "Passeport de Vie" organ donor card allows individuals to make the definite decision to donate their organs before they pass away.