After what has seemed like a millennium of rain (no, we are not prone to exaggeration), it appears there will be an end in sight.

Autumn has well and truly made its mark in Luxembourg, as it does every year. And perhaps we should rejoice at the sheer amount of rainfall we've experienced recently given the very dry summer, but it is difficult to think beyond the moment when you discovery your jacket isn't actually as waterproof as you thought.

But there is a flipside and this weekend we will be able to rejoice in the autumnal sunshine for once! (And this might be your chance to get to the Apple Fest in sunshine without wading through squelchy orchards). Meteolux's forecast for the weekend predicts a rather pleasant weekend.

All we have to do is power through Thursday and we should be in for a better day on Friday. Temperatures will rise to about 15°C on Friday, albeit after a misty start.

On Saturday, the mercury is set to go up to a positively balmy 21°C, accompanied by bright skies and gentle wind. As Meteolux describes it, "a beautiful day which is for the most part sunny".

Sunday will also be warm and sunny, but will have the occasional cloud.

So far, the forecast seems positive for Monday too but let's not put our money on that just yet...