The national health plan, as announced by Minister of Health Etienne Schneider, should guarantee an inclusive approach to the healthcare sector, something CSV MP Jean-Marie Halsdorf sees as absolutely necessary.

Reacting to Schneider's announcement about making healthcare careers more attractive, Halsdorf pointed out the study's conclusions were the same as those made six years ago.

Halsdorf praised the fact that the study has taken quantitative elements such as the lack of doctors, the number of nursing care staff, and that the study's conclusions are looking at how to improve societal issues resulting from these facts. However, highlighted that some elements are missing, such as the fact that more women are studying to become doctors, but tend not to work as long as men, as revealed in the study.

He added that today, many doctors continue to work beyond the age of 70. He also suggested the idea of a university clinic, but regretted that the issue had been neglected during an entire legislative period. However, Halsdorf concluded that Schneider has drawn the correct conclusions and has the CSV's support in revitalising healthcare careers.