10 years after largescale protests, milk prices have still experienced positive change. On Sunday, the cooperative sought to raise further awareness.

On 16 September 2009, the frustration of European dairy farmers reached its zenith.

Three million litres of milk were dumped in a field in Ciney, Belgium, in protest at milk prices which were not compatible with production costs.

The "Fairer Mëllech" (fairer milk) initiative in Luxembourg was launched in the wake of the argument.

Ten years later, Mett Roeder, president of the cooperative, launched a thirteenth product on Sunday morning. As well as milk, butter, cream, ice cream and Luxembourgish brie, the cooperative has expanded into yoghurt, in vanilla, strawberry, mulberry, and natural flavours.

Gilbert Leider, from Erpeldange on the Sûre river, has been a part of the cooperative from the start. The cooperative has helped him approach customers, through tastings, fetes and fairs - all opportunities to introduce the public to the farmer's work.

Leider's farm has stood for 300 years in the village centre, and requires 24/7 work, he said.

Despite the cooperative's hard work, it is not easy to make ends meet in the farming industry these days. Further awareness campaigns are required to convince consumers to purchase "fair" products.

The dairy farmers are not prepared to give up their fight to defend their jobs. On Monday 16 September 2019, ten years after their first demonstration, European farmers will convene once again in Ciney.

A thousand tractors are expected to join the protest, with their decade-long fight still bearing the same message: they need fair milk prices.