On Monday, term begins for almost 57,000 primary school pupils - and more than 6,300 teaching staff.

On Tuesday, first-year secondary pupils will have their first day at their new schools, before the remainder of the student population returns on Wednesday. More than 48,000 secondary pupils are enrolled across the country.

In total more than 149,000 pupils have enrolled for the 2019/2020 school year in the Grand Duchy, of which 28,000 are enrolled in adult education, and 16,000 in the National Institute of Languages.

Increased police presence

In a statement issued last week, police confirmed there would be a reinforced presence around schools this week in the name of safety awareness.


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Officers will be available to answer questions from parents and teachers, as well as keeping an eye on motorists.

The police issued a number of guidelines for parents, children and drivers alike, highlighting the importance of road safety.