Flight ticket prices are due to increase at Luxembourg Airport, more commonly referred to as Findel.

On Thursday afternoon, LuxairGroup confirmed that the airport fee at Findel is due to increase as of 27 October. The fee increase is due to have an impact of flight tickets, which will in turn cost 'several Euros more', according to the group's spokesperson.

The CEO of Lux Airport attributed the increase to the rise in overhead charges associated with running the airport. He explained to Paperjam that airlines do pay the airport to use their infrastructures, but the overhead charges have risen. 'It makes sense to adjust the fee', he added.

Up until now, the airport fee in question lay at €3.79 per person, and will increase to €7.5 per person at the end of October. It is unclear at the current stage what kind of difference the adjustment will make on flight ticket prices.

Joé Schroeder, LuxairGroup's representative, remained reassured that 'this will not be a significant increase.' All airlines using Luxembourg Airport will be affected by the increase.