The Roads and Bridges Administration has announced a number of roadworks which will cause deviations.

From Thursday 12 September, the Gousseldange tunnel on the A7 will be shut from 8pm to 11pm in order to accommodate the installation of electro-mechanical equipment to assist in cases of fire.

Blockades have been set up between the Mierscherbierg and Lorentzweiler interchanges in both directions. The Grouft tunnel in the direction of the Lorentzweiler interchange will be reduced to one lane.

  • Traffic from the Waldhof interchange and towards Friedhof via the A7 will be diverted from the Lorentzweiler interchange via the N7 to the Mierschbierg interchange (Fixed deviation "D3").
  • Traffic from Friedhof to the Waldhof interchange via the A7 is diverted from the Schoenfels interchange via the CR102 and the N7 to the Lorentzweiler interchange (fixed deviation "D4").

On the A1, roadworks will take place all weekend from 8pm Friday to 6am on Monday 16 September. These will affect the access ramp No. 7 of the Hamm interchange (Irrgarten) towards Trier and the N2A between Hamm (Irrgarten) interchange and Findel Airport towards Cents.

The road will be resurfaced during this time, which will cause the following road closures:

  • the junction of the Hamm (Irrgarten) interchange from the A1 cross of Gasperich and towards the Schaffner roundabout (Irrgarten);
  • the access ramp from the Hamm (Irrgarten) interchange to the A1 towards Trier;
  • the N2A between Schaffner roundabout (Irrgarten) towards Cents and Findel airport in both directions;
  • the bypass between the N2 from Sandweiler and the N2A towards Cents.

Deviations will be put in place. Traffic coming from the A1 Croix de Gasperich towards the Hamm interchange will be deviated via the Kirchberg interchange back on to the A1 towards Hamm.

The traffic coming from Hamm (Irrgarten) in the direction of the Kirchberg interchange will be deviated via the N2-Cents-N1A-Interchange Senningerberg (S9)-A1

Traffic from the Hamm (Irrgarten) interchange to Cents and Findel Airport will be diverted via the N2.

Traffic from Cents and Findel Airport to the Hamm (Irrgarten) interchange will be diverted via Cents on the N2.

The A13 motorway will also be closed in both directions for resurfacing, between the Altwies and Mondorf interchanges. The closure will be in place from 8pm on Friday 13 September to 6am on Monday 16 September.

  • The A13 motorway will be closed between the Mondorf interchange and the Altwies interchange from Schengen and towards the Croix de Bettembourg,
  • The access ramp of the Mondorf interchange (S12) from the N16 and the A13 towards the Croix de Bettembourg.

    [block type="attachment" id="62720817" __caption="A13"]

    The A13 between the Mondorf interchange and the Altwies interchange will be barred in both directions. Traffic from Schengen on the A13 and Ellange on the N16 and in the direction of the Croix de Bettembourg will be diverted from the Mondorf interchange (S12) via the N16 (Altwies) to the Altwies interchange, then back on to the A13 motorway.

    Preparatory work necessary for the motorway closure will be carried out a few hours before the closure time, so traffic disruptions are to be expected in the early evening on Friday.

    More information can be found on the website for CITA