Luxembourgish firemen are heading to La Rochelle in France to take part in the World Rescue Challenge 2019.

From 12-15 September, the 20th edition of the World Rescue Challenge (WRC) is taking place and will bring together around 300 rescuers from 16 different countries, who will face two challenges: road rescue (when teams of firemen must cut open vehicles in record time to save lives) and first aid rescue, when teams of two have to help injured victims.

The goal of the competition is to try and progress when it comes to saving victims of accidents. It is an opportunity for rescuers and firefighters to exchange tips, techniques and material.

This year, Luxembourg will be represented by the Centre d’incendie et de secours (CIS) team from Lintgen for the ‘road rescue’ challenge, and by the CIS Mamer and CIS Lintgen teams for the 'first aid rescue' challenge.

Three judges will be evaluating the performances of the 36 teams during the 4 days of competition.

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