Wednesday is 11 September and as we all know, this marks the end of this year's Schueberfouer - until next August.

If you're hoping to get in a last go on the Schueberfouer's rides, best do it today. The 679th edition of the Schueberfouer will close its doors on the Glacis car park on Wednesday evening. To mark the end of the annual event, all rides will be half-price until 8pm.

And of course, you can't just close the Schueberfouer without a (literal) bang. The traditional fireworks will be let off from the Grand Duchess Charlotte bridge (the red bridge) and the funfair will shut down at 1am on Thursday morning.

For the occasion, the tram and Luxembourg City buses will be running an increased schedule, with the tram stopping at a number of different car parks (Luxexpo, Auchan, Coque,...). As for the city buses, these will be linking the Fouer with the free P&R car parks, notably the Kockelscheuer and Konrad Adenauer P&Rs.