A couple were attacked by three men at Luxembourg City train station on Sunday evening at around 7.30pm. The three muggers made off with a mobile phone, headphones and cash.

The group of attackers first attracted attention onboard a train, before approaching the couple as they boarded a bus outside the station. One of the men threatened violence, taking the male victim's phone and headphones. When they reached the city centre, the muggers forced the couple to withdraw money from a cashpoint, before making their escape in the direction of Boulevard Royal.

The police are seeking information from anybody who might recognise the muggers. The police description is as follows:

1) Young man, thought to be of North African origin. Light skin, slim stature, 1.65m tall.
2) Young man, dark skin, wearing a grey Kenzo sweater and orange sunglasses.
3) Young man, dark skin, hair shaved at sides with the tips dyed red. 

Anyone with information is advised to contact the police on +352 244404500.